Local Yakima citizens have joined a national coalition of citizen lobbyist and border control organization on this day calling on Congress to solve the immigration crisis that has plagued the United States for decades. News conferences and rallies were held across the country, including Yakima to announce the formation of the "Remember the 1986" coalition." The coalition claims that the proposed Immigration Reform Bill is just another amnesty bill, similar to the one passed by Congress in 1986. Bob West, the local spokesman for the coalition says "the Senate amnesty bill is not fair to the people who have been standing in line for five or ten years, because the people who would be granted legal status would be able to keep their jobs and the people who have done things right are still waiting."

The coalition's reform plan includes:

Mandatory use of E-Verify by employers to ensure a legal workforce, enforcement of existing immigration laws, real border security with severe border fencing to prevent unlawful entry , reasonable annual legal immigration levels, an end to birthright citizenship for children born to parents who are not citizens or legal permanent residents and corrections in guest worker programs and corrections in guest worker programs to end fraud and abuse.

The coalition is working to educate members of Congress and the public about the adverse consequences of our ill-advised national immigration policies.