People who know me know that i love to joke and kid around.  I seriously enjoy making people laugh...and it pays off!  Researchers at George Mason University say there is a fun and easy little trick to be the person everyone likes: Share a laugh.


Whether you're meeting someone for the first time or want to strengthen an existing friendship that has faltered, say something that will make you both laugh. That's the word from researchers  who analyzed more than 5,500 social interactions and determined that sharing a laugh with someone now is an excellent predictor of social rewards later whether it be a friendship or a relationship between work colleagues.

The study results are talked about in Prevention magazine.  While using laughter as a foundation for a healthy relationship is old hat, there is a new twist.

What's new about this research is that it focuses on how today's laugh can impact something that may happen a month from now. For example, share a laugh with a client today, and you may have a better chance of closing the deal next week.