Have you seen our call for pictures in our Naughty Dog Contest?  You’ll find all you need to know on the trending bar at the top of the page on our website but basically we are looking for your picture of your dog in action or—after action! You know the pictures---dog trashes house, dog takes over your stuff, dog wipes out neighbor’s garden—those kind of pictures.  We’ve got cool prizes too so check it out and get entered.While on the topic of dog’s I want to wish my former co-worker Natalie Hurst, now anchoring TV News in Boise, good luck and good wishes as her little dog Fritz goes through some medical tough times.  It really reminds me that dogs are part of the family—much beloved members of the family.

Perhaps there is no greater demonstration of that then a clip from the old Johnny Carson show when Oscar Winner Jimmy Stewart came on to read a poem he wrote about his dog Beau.  Touching for sure.