The magic feeling of Christmas is beginning to fade as we plow on to the new year.  But before we leave December behind, let’s remember one more time the reason for the season and the birth of Christ.  Maybe you plan to work on your spirituality in the new year.  Here’s some food for thought.

David Ramos/Getty Images

People who have an intuitive thinking style are more likely to have faith in God than those who are more reflective. That's the word from Harvard University researchers, who have linked thinking styles and faith.

Intuitive thinking means going with one's first instinct and reaching decisions quickly based on automatic cognitive processes. Reflective thinking involves the questioning of first instinct and consideration of other possibilities, thus allowing for counterintuitive decisions. Participants who gave intuitive answers to all three problems were 1.5 times as likely to report they were convinced of God's existence as those who answered all of the questions correctly.

That pattern was found regardless of other demographic factors, such as the participants' political beliefs, education or income. Intuitive thinkers in this study were more likely to have become more confident believers in God over their lifetimes, regardless of whether they had a religious upbringing.