Quick question—how much time do you spend online each day? Does that time aid and enrich your life or does it pull you down?

Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

New research as reported by the Daily Mail finds that more time you spend surfing the 'net the more you might just be ruining your life. Researchers from the Technology Policy Institute analyzed government data and say that for every hour we spend online we spend 16-fewer minutes working, and 17-fewer minutes outside in the real world.

I suppose for some, the real world isn’t so great so why not find a better place—but those people are in the minority and it’s not just the minority lodged on line.

The experts say each hour of online-time also equates to seven-minutes of lost sleep, and each minute of online-time equates to 0.28-fewer minutes watching television.

Additionally, researchers say over the course of a year, our online time makes us lose 18-days of seeing loved ones.