The tax filing season is almost over. In fact you have just over two weeks to gets your return filed. David Tucker II with the IRS urges taxpayers to not wait until the last minute to file their tax returns filed.  Tucker says, "the sooner you start doing your taxes, then you realize what questions you have and you want to give yourself some time to kind of figure stuff out or to get documentation to answer questions you might have."

Tucker says 80 percent of taxpayers do their taxes electronically and there is a wealth of information online to help you including the IRS website which is .

Other tax tips from the IRS

1. Gather your records.

2 . Report all your income.

3. Get Answers

4.  Use Free File

5. Try IRS e-file

6. Weigh your filling options.

7. Use direct deposit.

8. Visit the IRS website 24/7

9. Check out number 17.

10. Review your return.

The filing deadline is Tuesday April 15th.