It’s getting close to the scary season.  Halloween is sneaking up on us like, well, some mysterious creature from, well, Halloween! 

Photo by Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Click on the trending bar at the top of the page on Terror on the Ave for some fun info about Halloween, the schedule of our great Haunted House in the Mills Music/former Nordstrom building and the Best Halloween movies for kids.

Speaking of Halloween movies, how come we all know what NOT to do but the stars in those shows don’t?  Here’s a reminder of what you need to do to survive in a horror flick!


  1. Don't ever investigate or say you'll "be right back"
  2. Turn around, because it's always behind you
  3. Never watch a horror movie when you're in one
  4. Make sure your car is always in perfect working order
  5. Don't ever split up
  6. When haunted, just move out of the damn house
  7. Wear comfortable shoes
  8. Avoid proms and all other high school parties
  9. Always assume your attacker is still alive
  10. And for goodness sake, keep your pants on