A small group held a rally Saturday in front of the Yakima Police Department calling for what they deemed to be justice.

The group was inspired to protest after two people were killed last month at the hands of police. Protestors say this event is important to raise awareness and hopefully get some questions answered.

"What I hope comes from today is the right answers," Kassie Fishnick, step-sister of fallen Jesse Humphrey's told KNDO News. "I have unanswered questions of these guys and I just hope that we get the answers for Jesse."

"They absolutely have a right to do it and we encourage it," Chief Dominic Rizzi of the Yakima Police Department said. "We're not against it. There's a proper way to air your grievances and this is the way we want them to do it, a nice peaceful rally to get their message out there."

Yakima Police and the Washington State Patrol are still investigating the two shootings to determine whether they were justified.