Governor Jay Inslee today signed a new DUI law, flanked by prosecutors, families of DUI victims, law enforcement leaders and lawmakers.

“If you choose to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you’re choosing to put other people’s lives at risk, and I’m not going to tolerate that in Washington state,” Inslee said. “The bill I signed today will make our roads safer and save lives.”

The bill which was originally sponsored by Spokane Valley Republican Senator Mike Padden and Democratic Representative Dawn Morrell of Puyallup targets repeat drunk drivers by imposing mandatory arrests and jail bookings for all second and subsequent DUI offenses.  It requires both It requires both an interlock system to be installed in the offender’s vehicle within five business days of release from jail and 24/7 sobriety monitoring for repeat offenders in the form of an alcohol monitoring device. Offenders who do not remain sober will face jail time. The legislation includes additional funding for county prosecutors to handle increased mandatory booking, set up the 24/7 program and monitor offenders, and for drug and alcohol and treatment

“Gov. Inslee’s bill provides much-needed new tools for cracking down on repeat DUI offenders,” said Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist, who spoke at today’s bill signing. “Prosecutors around Washington state will have additional resources to put more drunk drivers – especially dangerous repeat offenders – in jail where they belong. I’ve seen too many families and lives torn apart by the preventable crime of drunk driving. Thanks to the leadership of Gov. Inslee and key legislators, this is a bill that will literally save lives.”