Former Pennsylvania Senator and former presidential candidate Rick Santorum will be in Yakima in less than  two weeks. he will be the featured speaker of the Life Choices annual fundraising dinner november 5th. Santorum, a strong pro life supporter is also a big supporter of crisis  pregnancy centers like Life Choices. He believes they provide support for women in a crisis situation. "They are there to help people in the most difficult of situations, an unplanned pregnancy, where these young ladies have been in many cases  lied to and abandoned, they are under incredible strain or stress, and there's no one there to say look, we're going to be there for you."  He says that's what crisis pregnancy centers are all about.

Santorum hasn't ruled out another run for President, but for now he is just traveling the country promoting his new movie production company which produces faith based movies. The first one called the Christmas Candle will be out in time for Christmas this year.
The Life Choices banquet is set for Tuesday November 5th at the Yakima Convention Center.
Santorum will be on The Mike Bastinelli Show Friday afternoon  at 3:35.