Valentine’s Day provides a great opportunity to review your relationship and to ponder  questions like  - Why is it that some couples live happily ever after and others end up in divorce court?

ohn Lamparski/WireImage

Have an answer?  How about “genetics”?  Lifelong wedded bliss may be less about communication, romance and compatibility and more about science.

Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley say some people may be genetically programmed to better withstand the bad times of married life -- and therefore, stay married and not divorce.  BUT they also say that the study is not conclusive, and it's possible the gene plays absolutely no role at all in marriage.

HealthDay News reports the findings may "take the mystery of our social world and clarify a little piece of it." We all know that emotions affect marriage in big and small ways -- in ways that are totally obvious and in ways that are more subtle. Married couples tend to be happy when those emotions are positive, such as affection, respect, loving support and clear communication.