Bringing a box of donuts or washing the boss's car is the shameless sort of sucking up that could backfire on you. How can you use a little psychology to get ahead?

Here are five boss-pleasing tactics almost certain to reap you some praise, and maybe even a promotion from Steve Kissing (his real name) at Man Of The House dot com.

1. Be a Smart Ass....This means you need to push yourself to know your industry, your business and your customers as well as, if not better than, your boss. (Warning: If your boss is an egomaniac, and, let’s face it, many are, then it’s best to assume that there’s nothing she doesn’t already know. Try another tactic.)

2. Write a Memorable Memo.... Pick a topic that your industry or company is grappling with. Then write a two- to five-page memo in which you summarize the situation and provide some commentary. In other words, don’t just spell out the problem or challenge, offer up some solutions, too.

3. Praise Your Peers.... Look for chances to recognize others on your boss’s team, ideally those who are peers. So when someone hits the ball out of the park because they broke a sales record, came up with a brilliant idea or otherwise accomplished what others(yourself included)haven’t or couldn’t, be the first to praise that person with a congratulatory email.

4. Cry Uncle.....Somewhere along the line, we guys get ingrained in us the idiotic notion that it’s a sign of weakness to admit when we need help.Don’t be afraid to ask for further clarification or more resources. 

5.  Offer Alternatives.... When your boss asks you to “run numbers” for this or that, or to draft a new product launch plan, or to review staffing resources, go one step further, at least on some occasions. Give your boss exactly what she asked of you, but toss in a little something extra.

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