A  lighting caused fire burning near Rim Rock Lake has burned over 650 acres. Michele King with the Naches Ranger District says that figure may grow. The Conrad Lake Fire is burning in an area that's difficult to get to and the smoke from the fire can be seen in Yakima. That's why the number of firefighters battling the blaze has doubled since yesterday to over 300. "We've just transferred to a type two Incident Management Team, which says this is a more complex fire than we thought it was. Firefighters safety and public safety have been our main concern, we've prioritized getting private citizens and recreationalist out of the area that we're concerned about."
The fire is burning within the Goat Rocks Wilderness area eight miles south of Rimrock Lake. Several forest service roads are closed along with  the airstrip near the east end of Rimrock Lake. The Rim Rock Pennisula area near the airstrip is closed because that's where the fire incident command has been set up.