I just did a heart stress test and my doctor just told me I was fine…except….I need to get in shape and lose some weight.  Now I know she’s right,  but my first inclination is to be defensive and to search for an excuse.  Boy did I find one!  It’s a study out of Florida that ties weight to paycheck.  (who comes up with these studies anyway?)

A University of Florida study of 20,000 German and American workers concludes that if you want to earn more money, you might start by taking a critical look at what happens when you stand on the bathroom scale….and the study confirms that men are treated differently than women…no surprise there.

Sorry Ladies, but the study says: Men, you should gain weight. Women, you need to lose it. Why? The highest paid employees are heavy men and thin women. Fascinating huh?

Women who weigh 25 pounds more than the group norm, make $14,000 less than their average-size colleagues.

Women who weigh 25 pounds less than the group norm, make $16,000 more than their average-sized colleagues.

Men who are considered thin make $9,000 less than their colleagues of average weight.

Men's paychecks increase with their weight -- all the way to 207 pounds.

Sooooo …at 6 feet 4 inches tall with broad shoulders I haven’t seen 207 pounds since I go out of the Army in the late ‘70’s.  I guess my excuse doesn’t hold up…so it’s off to the gym  Achieve Fitness on Lincoln …my beautiful wife swears by it.  See you there?