Going backstage and back in time ith this season's Dancing With The Stars cast.

Contestants for this season of "Dancing with the Stars" 2011 were looked at further by ABC's Good Morning America. What was the cast like in their early years? GMA digged up some fun facts about the season 12 cast of "DWTS" as their early years shined through for week 2.

"DWTS" 12 - Kirstie, Kendra, and Ralph

Kirstie Alley was a cheerleader in school and Kendra confessed she tried dancing, but "the whole leotard thing wasn't her thing."

Ralph Macchio was wearing a bow tie from kindergarden until at least 6th grade. He thanked his mom wholeheartedly for the childhood photos GMA got their hands on.

"Dancing with the Stars" 2011 - Chelsea, Chris, and Romeo's early years

In high school, Chelsea Kane's boyfriend broke up with her the next day after she cut her long locks off for a play.

"It didn't go over well with the guys," she told GMA. "All that long, blonde hair gone overnight.  It's all gone again now.  I obviously didn't learn anything."

Chris Jericho was rocking the bad boy image with a mullet and avoiding the "uncool" dance floor. Lil' Romeo has been rapping since the age of 11 and he a regular school life.

"DWTS" 2011 - Sugar Ray, Hines, and Mike

Sugar Ray Leonard was painfully shy as a kid. He said boxing changed his life.

Ray told GMA, "The boxing brought me from under the rock and I became sociable, gregarious and poof...now I'm a dancer."

Hines Ward did a dance on "Tootsie Roll" by hip-hop group, 69 Boyz. Mike Catherwood talked about his early years and the likelihood of becoming famous.

"I didn't really identify any major talents or any prospects for me to have a 'successful life,'" Mike said. "I just didn't see that happening for me when I was 19-years-old."

"Dancing with the Stars" 2011 - Wendy and Petra

Wendy Williams said she has become everything and more that she dreamed of in her early years as a radio show and talk show host. Petra Nemcova's first dance was the polka as a little girl with her first "boyfriend."

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