The general manager of Yakima Worker Care who's in charge of drug testing says she expects an increase in testing by employers now that marijuana is legalized in the state.

Julie Paulmondis says many Yakima employers already have a policy in place. She says if no policy is in place, companies should consider implementing one, especially since pot is now legal in the state.

They need to communicate with their employees that this policy is going to start and what date it will start so the employees can choose to quit.

Paulmondis says many employers are concerned that employees will use marijuana thinking it is OK because it is legal. But she says companies can still bar its use just like other drugs or alcohol. She says if a company already has a policy in place it might be a good idea to revisit the policy and increase random testing.

If you are interested in more information about testing contact Yakima Worker Care at or call 575-2949.