A major push to get state lawmakers to pass the DREAM Act is the aim of the immigrant rights group One America. Rep. Charles Ross of Naches supports the measure but he is not confident it will pass in the special session now underway in Olympia. Ross says one thing’s for sure “I do not think it is going to go away.” The measure that passed the House but not the Senate earlier this year would make young illegal immigrants eligible for state college financial aid. The group One America is focusing on state lawmakers who they believe are blocking the measure in the senate. Ross says “I think there will be just as much support for the measure next year as there was this year even as the debate continues on how immigrants fit into America.” The group One America is rallying in Yakima Today. The group will canvass door to door in the districts of Senator Curtis King and Senator Jim Honeyford both who were unavailable for comment. The canvassing will start with a rally at Larson park in Yakima beginning at 5:00 p.m.