You have to love those commercials for Dos Equis beer featuring The World’s Most Interesting Man.  You know the ones that end with the guy looking into the camera saying “Stay thirsty my friends”.  All those outrageous claims about how cool he is…so interesting that aliens ask him to probe them…his blood smells like cologne…his personality is so magnetic he can’t carry credit cards…even his enemies list him as their emergency contact…he once had an awkward moment just to see how it feels…he lives vicariously through himself….and on and on.   

He is so outrageous, that for some, his character reminds them of a certain resident of the oval office who at times appears to feel the same way about himself!  Check out the hilarious parody from on President Obama- The Most Arrogant Man in the World.

 For the record and for perspective  here is a look at Dos Equis MOST interesting man in the world!

  Stay thirsty for news and information my friends!