For this we need a study? Haven’t we known the eyes are the window to the soul for centuries now?  New research published in the journal PLOS ONE finds that men have twice as much trouble deciphering women's emotions of their eyes compared with those of men. I think all men could have predicted this, right? And all women too for that matter!German researchers put 22 male participants into a brain scanner and asked them to look at images of 36 pairs of eyes, half from men and half from women. The men were then told to decipher what emotion each set of eyes conveyed. It’s a trap fellas, get out!  Too late.

The eye photographs depicted positive, neutral, and negative emotions. They found that men took longer and had more trouble correctly guessing the emotion from women's eyes, and that men's brains showed different activation when looking at men versus women's eyes.

So what have we learned? Nothing really. We knew we couldn’t figure women out before the study and we still can’t figure them out…but let’s be honest gentlemen

Feng Li/Getty Images

.  Most of the time, gazing beyond those ladies’ lovely lashes and into their sparkling eyes is an exercise that’s worth the occasional confusion!