(Men's Health) There is this running joke among women about men not being willing to stop and ask for directions.  I think they think it has something to do with the alleged “male ego.”   But…if push comes to shove I suppose there are a few guys who might fit the profile.  According to Men’s Health magazine men and navigation don’t always mix.

  • 3% of guys have missed a flight because they could not find the gate, 94% of these guys did not look at a terminal map.
  • 21% of men are too proud to pull out a make on a city street
  • 38% of men navigate cities by landmarks, not street signs
  • 12% of guys have almost crashed their cars while using cell phone navigation
  • 69% of men can use the sun to orient themselves
  • 75% of men feel confident using a compass
  • 57 stars are used in celestial navigation, 33% of men can only identify the North Star
  • 15% of men have been lost in a theme park