Are you a typical guy…or are you “special”?  I would think most of us consider ourselves as the proverbial “average Joe”…but what does it mean to be AVERAGE?  The UK newspaper the Daily Mail crunched the numbers, did the research and now paints this portrait of typical man.  See if it sounds like you are the fellas you know.

The typical man spends an entire month of his life just looking around for missing socks

He also spends a whopping 10,585 hours in bars

Couch time Vs Kitchen time equals an amazing 11 years watching TV yet he learns to cook only four measly meals in his lifetime.

By the number he stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs in at 175 pounds

The average guy earns $45,894 a year with nearly $2,000 of it going toward beer.

Spending Habits- he will only spend $925 annually on designer duds but splashes out $3,554 for gadgets

He’ll drop $3,248 for Online shopping but tightens up again when it comes to dining out spending just $678

And finally the typical man may be “average” but he’s not perfect so he’ll say "sorry" a resounding 1.9 million times during his lifetime.