I played drum in the high school band for a couple years surviving on fear and a minor natural rhythm.  Fear because I couldn’t read music which was why I quit after being demoted from snare to bass drum in the marching band.  Chicks dig drummers but not bass drummers in the marching band!  But what is interesting to note is the medicinal value to the action of drumming.  Why? No idea but get this… Scientists suggest that drumming can actually help protect us from cancer.

So…drum on something today. It can be anything – your steering wheel, your desk or even your lap because scientists tested the blood levels of some volunteers before and after drumming. It turns out that after they beat, banged or tapped on something for a while their levels of cancer killing cells had increased.

Drumming has been shown to help us in a number of ways. Drum therapy is used to treat depression, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, autism and can even lower stress, boost immunity and low self-esteem.   One request…no war drums when you tune in the Morning news!