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I know a lot of guys who would NEVER consider drinking a non-alcoholic beer.  O’Doul’s is a definite “Oh-No” for them…but maybe change of heart is something they should sleep on…if they can fall asleep…and if they can’t, a non-alcoholic “last call” on a daily basis could help insure a good night’s sleep.   Researchers say it can help you fall asleep faster and decrease restlessness all night long. The secret sleep enhancing ingredients in non-alcoholic beer are the bitter resins in hop compounds and botanical ingredients used in the brewing process, which have sedative properties. Yeah, score one more valuable use for the Yakima Valley Hop Crop!If you prefer real beer, you’re out of luck and guys you know who you are. Beer, or any alcoholic beverages, will actually interfere with the quality of your sleep. It only takes one non-alcoholic beer to do the trick. For optimum results, drink it about one hour before you hit the sack.