Tomorrow is new day in America. No matter which party wins, it’s time to get to work and search for succes

Harry Dempster/Express/Getty Images

s.  Success may be easier to come by under one administration than another but elephants and donkeys aside, according to Steven Scott author of “Mentored By A Millionaire”, there are THREE things you need to propel you down the road of success.

  • A mentor. No one in the history of the world has ever achieved real success without a mentor. That’s according to Steven Scott who has studied the subject of success. He says in all his research he has yet to find any successful person who could not name a mentor during some portion of their professional life.

• Creative persistence. Emphasis on the word “creative.” Creative persistence is not hitting a brick wall and getting up and hitting it again. Creative persistence is hitting it once and realizing you have to find another way around it.

• Emotional word pictures. When you can communicate your ideas using emotional word pictures, people buy in to your ideas more easily. Ronald Reagan was a master at this. A great example was when he called the Soviet Union an “evil empire” shortly after the Star Wars movie came out. Instead of giving a long speech – he simply painted the word picture by using the phrase “evil empire.” Everyone got it.

Source: Steven Scott author of “Mentored By A Millionaire”