The Yakima City Council approved a request to change the name of "A" Street to honor Jack Pendleton Yakima's only Medal Of Honor recipient. You can call it Staff Sgt. Pendleton Way M.O.H.

The vote on the council was unanimous.

In other business the council passed a resolution banning panhandling at 15 of the city's busiest intersections. It bans people from receiving items from vehicles.

The full list of intersections includes: S 1st and Washington, S 1st and Nob Hill, 40th and Nob Hill, 16th and Nob Hill, 40th and Summitview, 16th and Tieton, 40th and Fruitvale, S 3rd Ave and Nob Hill, Fair Ave and Nob Hill, S 1st and Mead, S 18th St and Nob Hill, 16th and Lincoln, 40th and Tieton, 1st St and Yakima, and 16th and Summitview.

The council also criminalized aggressive panhandling. It also voted in favor of a marketing campaign that tells people to give money to legitimate organizations and not panhandlers.

The city voted against placing giving meters in key areas deciding instead to save the money.

A resolution banning smoking at city parks during special events and within 25 feet of playground equipment was also approved.