• The Yakima City council on Tuesday decided to table a request by Yakima veterans organizations to rename "A" Street after Jack Pendleton, Yakima's only medal of honor recipient.

    The council voted 3-3 to table the measure until the city can figure out if another group made a request for a street name change before the vets. Local activist Alonzo Marquez told the council of a request made in 2006 to rename a street after civil rights leader Cesar Chavez.

    City officials want to make sure the first request was considered by the council which voted against renaming the street for Chavez in 2006, before moving forward with the current request for a name change.

  • A World War II Veteran enjoyed the celebration of a lifetime for his 99th birthday in Yakima on Tuesday.

    William Oscar Tate was thrilled to see his grandson, Captain Benjamin Tate, fly an MV-22 Osprey to his party at the Mcallister Museum of Aviation.

    The rare aircraft is well known for its ability to take off vertically like a helicopter. It's designed for assault support, cargo lift operations and can carry up to 24 troops.

    Hundreds of people came out Tuesday just to catch a glimpse.

    "It's truly amazing," said Captain Tate. "I didn't expect anything like this. I told my folks that I'm going to have the opportunity to fly in here really quick, say hi to my grandfather. I got a hold of the folks here at the museum and told them that'd I be here."

    People got a chance to look inside the MV- 22 Osprey before it left the airport for training a the Yakima Training Center.