The Yakima City Council met for their final meeting of 2013 Tuesday and during the meeting councilman Bill Lover proposed the Downtown Master Plan and plaza idea be put to a public advisory vote.

Lover told his fellow council members, "I'd like you to consider thinking about it and discuss it among yourselves because I would like to bring it up at the next council meeting for a vote."

Lover says an advisory vote could help the council with direction on the plan and could help eliminate criticism. The council will take the proposal under consideration and could vote on the suggestion at its first meeting of the new year in January.

The Downtown Master Plan calls for major changes in downtown Yakima including the relocation of parking spaces in the parking lot in front of the Capital Theatre to create a downtown plaza. The parking spaces would be relocated to other areas of downtown including two large parking garages.

The plan does have its critics. Some business owners who use the parking lot are concerned customers will not want to walk the extra distance if the parking lot is removed.