The Yakima City Council Tuesday voted in favor of funding the Bins of Light art project to be placed above the Lincoln Avenue underpass.

The council voted 4-2 to spend $350,000 to build the lighted bins above the underpass with council members Rick Ensey and Bill Lover voting against the proposal. The total cost of the project is $450,000. The city has already spent $100,000 on the design.

The money to fund the project comes from surplus dollars left over from the downtown underpass work that cost a total of $43 million.

The Bins of Light project will place lighted bins on the top of the underpass. The bins will light up as the trains pass. The piece is designed to represent the bins that fill areas along the tracks where many fruit warehouses are located.

The council also decided to spend $250,000 on a raised sidewalk on the Lincoln underpass and the council approved the purchase of eight license plate readers for the Yakima Police Department. The readers are mounted on patrol cars and scan license plates for stolen cars.