Author Richard LeMieux  ran his own successful business for 14 years ,was very financially solvent, had a happy marriage and lived a decadent lifestyle. But when his business failed, he lost his livelihood, his home, his possessions, his wife of 17 years, and his children. Suddenly, he was living out of a van with only his dog Willow for company.

In 2002, LeMieux stood on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, contemplating a leap into the cold, dark waters below. It was his worry about his dog that pulled him back from the edge.

He returned to the streets of Bremerton, where he slept in his car and ate his meals at the Salvation Army.
LeMieux was referred to Kitsap Mental Health Services where he received counseling and medications to help fight his depression.  "They didn't have a magic wand to fix my life", says Richard, "but when I walked out of their doors, I had what I needed to make it through that day.  Everyone there offered me hope, love, compassion and understanding."
Richard was homeless in Bremerton, Washington for a year and a half. With a secondhand manual typewriter, he sat at picnic tables in parks writing his new book, Breakfast at Sally's
LeMieux was a guest on Tuesday's Mike Bastinelli show. he talked about his journey and about his latest book.
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Richard LeMieux will be speaking in Yakima on Sunday, February 10, at 3:00 p.m. at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church.
Visit the Breakfast at Sally's website here.