Memorial Day

Veterans Memorial At Tahoma Cemetery Made Me Proud & Sad [PHOTOS]
We have freedom. It makes me happy to say that. However, freedom isn't always free. It comes with a price most of the time. Our United States military have fought to keep us free. We honored them on Monday, Memorial Day, at the Tahoma Cemetery. The ceremony did not leave a dry eye in the area. I sta…
Don’t Get Taken By Memorial Day Military Scams
Memorial Day is coming this Monday and, while it is a time to honor those who serve and remember those who have died in war, it has also become another guise for scam artists to take from people who are serving or have served their nation -- especially elderly veterans.
Mozart’s Music Makes Peace With Patients With Epilepsy
I went to a small public school. It was great for a lot of reasons but everybody knew too much about everybody else. We didn’t have face book so all the bullying took place face to face.  One kid suffered from epilepsy and when I say suffered he really did.  He suffered fro…

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