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Science Says No Worries, Pour A second Cup of Joe
Just look at the lines at the drive-thru coffee shops. So many of us use caffeine to kick start each day. The research into the positive and negative medical effects of caffeine have been studied for years but there is some new information that might ease your mind about that second cup...
Too Much Social Media Can Crush Your Sleep
There are plenty of life’s moments that can rob you of important restorative sleep. So why bring another one on yourself? Many people are!
A new study shows social media could cause sleeping issues. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine questioned nearly 2,0…
Time To Get Serious About Childhood Obesity
We’ve talked about the problem of childhood obesity here before. We know about Yakima’s unfortunate reputation as a “heavy-weight” city. But the problem is bigger than the Northwest or the U.S. It is a bit ironic to say the problem of Child…
Bette Midler Was Right – You Got To Have Friends
Looking for ways to improve your health in the New Year.  Consider making some new friends. explains a number of ways friendship is great for your health.
--Friends may extend your life. According to a 2010 review of research, the effect of your social ties on how long you …
E-Cigarette Advertising Casting A Big Net Over Kids
The CDC report says the same advertising tactics used by the tobacco industry years ago “are now being used to entice a new generation of young people to use e-cigarettes."
They say nearly 70 percent of middle and high school students in the United States are seeing the e-cigarette ads…
Five Ways To Lose Weight While You Sleep
Here’s a new one – weight loss in the New Year!
Ok, not so new but maybe some of these ideas can help you in your quest to slim down in 2016.
Reader's Digest discovered five ways to lose weight while you sleep!
1. Fit protein in before bed...
Too Much Healthy Food is Unhealthy
One week into your New Year’s Resolution diet a we have a word of warning. A New study shows people tend to overeat when they're consuming food that's been labeled "healthy," and that can undermine our
dieting efforts.
CBS News says people tend to order larg…
Your Waiter’s Waistline Could Influence Yours
2016 and the New Year’s resolutions are chugging along. For millions, job one is to lose weight which isn’t easy so watch out for every trick and temptation and that even includes being aware of the size of your server!
The Daily Mail reports that researchers from Cornell University and the Universit…

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