Too Much Healthy Food is Unhealthy
One week into your New Year’s Resolution diet a we have a word of warning. A New study shows people tend to overeat when they're consuming food that's been labeled "healthy," and that can undermine our
dieting efforts.
CBS News says people tend to order larg…
Your Waiter’s Waistline Could Influence Yours
2016 and the New Year’s resolutions are chugging along. For millions, job one is to lose weight which isn’t easy so watch out for every trick and temptation and that even includes being aware of the size of your server!
The Daily Mail reports that researchers from Cornell University and the Universit…
Holiday Shopping Keeps Us Too Busy To Cook
I suppose this is a no brainer but more of us choose not to cook during the holiday season. Looking at data from MasterCard Spending Pulse around Thanksgiving shows November restaurant sales were up 8.1% this year compared to the same time last year...
Eating Lettuce 3 Times Harder On The Environment Than Eating Bacon
The grass isn’t always greener or more environmentally sound on the other side of the fence. If you thought that by giving up meat you were taking major pressure off the environment researcher Paul Fischbeck says think again.
Fischbeck concludes that eating lettuce is over three times…
Starchy Food Bad As Booze On Your Liver?
Carboloading -
maybe not such a great idea after all, especially if you want to give long life to the liver! Safe to say we all know drinking to excess is bad for your liver but maybe it’s time to think about just what it is you are washing down with all that brew...
World’s Most Expensive Hamburger
I love cheeseburgers. I was the customer of the month at a national chain back in the 1980’s before I left North Dakota. I don’t need the gourmet treatment either—just lay on the cheese, ketchup, pickles and mayo and I’m good to go.
But there are …
Want To Lose Weight? You Need A Program Targeted to Your Tummy!
Just in time for Thanksgiving leftovers – when it comes to losing weight, one size program does not fit all. Everybody's different, and a new study says that's why losing weight is much harder for some people.
The new findings, published in the journal Cell, show that people's bodies react to the sam…
Turkey Talk – What You Need To Know About The Bird
The President pardons them. I take them with all the trimmings. Some of my friends are named for them.
Here are some facts about the turkey you'll be eating on Thanksgiving:
• Turkeys live in flocks, roosting at night in thick tree trunks...
What Is the Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?
How long should you wait until you get thirds? Should you tell Uncle Walter his teeth fell into the cranberry sauce? How do you find the words to describe Aunt Muriel's stuffing without offending her? Good questions all, but none are the most pressing on Thanksgiving.

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