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Ag News: Tractor Sales Up
Association of Equipment Manufacturer reports seven months in 2018, nearly 145,000 tractors were sold which compares to almost 135,000 last year, a 7% increase.
Ag News: Ag Barometer Down
Ag Economy Barometer from the University of Purdue shows that farmer are concern about the ag economy with sentiment falling sharply 26 points in July.
Ag News: Foodbytes! Startups
Better world through food. Food and Ag bank Rabobank organized a global pitch competition. The competition has now taken place in more than 40 countries.
Ag News: Almond Milk Video
Food labeling can be a bit of a pain to deal with. But, sometimes one must have a sense of humor and that is what a group of " Nut Milkers" have done.
Ag News: EU Imports of U.S. Soy
CRISPR crops and other gene-edited foods must be treated as classic transgenic GMOs, putting the EU at sharp odds with the U.S. over the future of biotechnology.
Ag News: Beef Trade Losses
The U.S. Meat Export Federation is assessing the potential losses in U.S. beef. European Union, Japan and members of TTP are finding other places to buy Beef.
Ag News: Ag Land Buyers
Thinking about buying farmland? Farmers National in Pasco, says interest in eastern Washington continues to be strong with sales volume up 15% over six months.

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