A man who carjacked a driver Wednesday and then lead police on a chase in Sunnyside was finally arrested by SWAT team members after the suspect shot his way into a home and took those inside as hostages.

The victims eventually overpowered 27-year-old Richard Yallup and SWAT team members stormed inside and put him under arrest.

It started Wednesday night when police say Yallup carjacked a driver and took off in the car with a loaded shotgun. He rammed several patrol vehicles before jumping out of the car in the area of Cherry Hill in Granger.

That is when Yallup fired at pursuing officers and fired into the door of a home where he struck a female inside. He was eventually overpowered by those in the home and arrested. The female was treated for a non life threatening wound.

Yallup was booked into the county jail and faces charges of assault and eluding.