Some of my neighbors looked at me like I was nuts last weekend when I was putting outdoor Christmas lights up on my house. Let me explain.


Yes, I know that Halloween is the current holiday, and that Election Day, Veteran's Day, and Thanksgiving Day are all coming up soon. However, I took advantage of last weekend's mild weather to hang Christmas lights on the eves and gutters of my house.

I do love to decorate for Christmas. Not to the point of insanity ala Chevy Chase in "Christmas Vacation", or to have my house seen from space like Danny DeVito's character in "Deck The Halls", but I like our home to look nice. That's why I take advantage of nice fall weather to hang lights and test them so that all I have to do is flip a switch and voila! Lights! I have even gone as far as to have switched dedicated outlets installed outside under the eaves to make it all that much easier!

Call me nuts, but I won't be the one soaked and freezing on December 1 falling off of a ladder putting up lights. At least I hope not.

By the way, the home pictured above isn't mine. I couldn't afford the power bill!