Here we are on Wednesday, Hump Day, the downward slide to the weekend. You would think we would be ecstatic or at least happy, but an Australian researcher says we aren’t. Move over Monday, worrisome Wednesday is the saddest day of the week and here is why.

In the study, the psychologists interviewed 550 people about their moods on each day of the week. They found that Mondays were not as depressing as people expected. Meanwhile, Wednesdays really bummed a lot of people out. That’s when workloads tend to be heaviest, and we start looking forward to the weekend which only makes matters worse.  

That makes sense but what about Monday? The conventional wisdom is that the loss of the freedom of the weekend makes for a miserable Monday. It turns out that our much anticipated weekends are often rated as disappointing, so Monday’s measure of loss isn’t that great. So go the thoughts from the land down under.