Need help with your golf game? Right. Who doesn’t!  How about a golf ball that flies straighter...75 to 90 percent straighter?  Sounds great!  Sounds familiar.

“In the 70s, two scientists invented a self-correcting golf ball -- one that automatically flies straight. Thanks to physics and a clever dimple design that reduced the sidespin causing hooks and slices, the company sold more than 300,000 balls by the early 80s. Recreational golfers rejoiced -- until the United States Golf Association outlawed the "Polara" golf ball in 1981. Banned but awesome, the Polara is now making its U.S. comeback.”

 It’s been a quarter of a century and there has been some more patented technology applied and viola!  The amazing, self-correcting Polara golf ball is back!  The dimples drive the physics and robotic consistency tests drive home the proof.

 There is still plenty of controversy about the fairness or ethics and the pros will have to work all that out but one thing appealing to armatures is the prospect of a faster round of play.    “If the recreational golf market used the Polara instead of traditional golf balls, we believe the speed of play for an average golf round would top out at 3.5 hours for 18 holes instead of 5. That’s not only big for players short on time, but for courses interested in booking more rounds.”