I had the pleasure of having lunch with the mayor and the chief of police today.  Mayor Micah Cawley is a longtime friend and the chief is fast becoming a friend, too. He is a man of vision and honor. He has a passion for his work and he has a wicked sense of humor!  He is just a lot of fun to be around. He is a cat person, but I overlook that because of all his other positive qualities.A chat with the chief got me to thinking about the average guy and what might represent an “average”  brush with the law. Coincidentally, I found this report when I got back to work.  Men's Health investigated your typical criminal misconduct here's what they found. See how you compare!


20 percent of the average guys will have a roadside chat with a patrolman this year

  • Copping an attitude is the bonehead move most likely to convert a warning into a full-blown ticket
  • 70 percent of men have spray painted, egged, or TP'd property in their youth
  • 41 percent of juvenile offenders who were hauled in were there because of vandalism
  • Bank robbery is the crime the average guy would commit if he knew he could get away with it
  • Speeding is the second crime the average guy would commit if he knew he could get away with it
  • 25 percent of men think the best way to cut speeding tickets is to boost spend limits to 75 mph
  • 70 percent of men have swiped something from a store
  • 20 percent of men who've shoplifted have filched condoms
  • 26 percent of men have let their girlfriends play vice cop and put them in handcuffs
  • 25 percent of bank robbers have evaded capture
  • 30 percent of men have spent a night in jail
  • 50 percent of men who've seen flashing lights in their rearview mirrors have thought briefly about making a run for it
  • 3 to 1 is the ratio of seat belt citations given to men compared with those earned by women
  • 50 percent of men steal wi-fi Internet access from their neighbors
  • 40 percent of men think they'll be victims of cyber crime one day
  • 50 percent of men dreamed of growing up to become cops when they were kids