The City of Yakima has come up with an idea to invigorate windows of empty downtown storefronts. They will fill the windows with local artwork. The Yakima Arts Commission is starting what's called the "Windows Alive Project" which is based on similar projects that
have proven successful in other cities. The idea is part of an ongoing effort to bring new life to Downtown Yakima.

Following a submission and evaluation process that took place earlier this summer, seven outstanding artists from the region were chosen to be part of the inaugural “Windows Alive!” exhibition, which will run from September 28th through January 3rd.

To kickoff the project’s first exhibition, a reception will be held on Saturday, September 28th from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on the first floor of the JEM Building located at 321 East Yakima Avenue. The seven artists chosen to display their work through January 3rd will be on hand at the reception to talk about their pieces and to help explain the concept of the “Windows Alive!” project.

“Empty windows in unoccupied storefronts send a message that isn’t very positive,” said Yakima Arts Commission Member Cheryl Hahn. “The idea behind ‘Windows Alive!’ is to fill those storefront windows with beautiful art and create a more engaging and vibrant environment downtown. The project also gives local artists a wonderful opportunity to showcase their work,” said Hahn.

The seven artists who were chosen to help launch “Windows Alive!”, each of whom received a $250 stipend, are Andy Behrle, Mindy Clark, Delma Tayer, Carolyn Nelson, W. D. Frank, Denise Risley, and Yesenia Navarrete Hunter. After the first displays complete their four-month run in January, they will be replaced with a new set of displays that will go up in February.