Wikipedia says an Information graphic is a graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.  Sounds cool enough.  So what does one of those look like when the subject is that which is so near and dear to the Yakima Valley each fall?  I speak of course about apples.Sean Seidell, an information designer, created this infographic of 41 apples, organized by taste and recommended use.

Seidell says his homework revealed there are more than 7,500 unique varieties of apples worldwide and narrowing down to just 41 apples was a challenge.,"  He says he tried to include as many popular apples as I could while still leaving room for exceptional apples that have amazing flavors such as the Winesap with a unique tart, spicy, vinous flavor or the all-purpose, excellent tasting, but not a beauty queen, Newtown Pippin.   How did our favorite local grown fruits fare?  Fairly well~! 

Check the infographic.

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