There's been a lot buzz about American Sniper.  It's up for an Oscar for best movie and its star Bradley Cooper is up for best actor.

The KIT crew went to see it at noon on Friday and it sold out in its first showing.  There are a lot of patriots young and old in the valley who wanted to experience Chris Kyle's incredible story as told by director Clint Eastwood.

And what a story-- intense, emotional, charming and tragic.

I haven't read the book on which it's based but what was put on screen was amazing.  The brutality of the enemy, the unbreakable loyalty of our troops, the love of a woman for her man and a conflicted man torn between the love for his family at home and his sense of duty and responsibility to his military family at war.

Experience the split second life and death decisions that must be made through his scope with his finger on the trigger.  Experience the contradiction of bringing his own kids into the world while trying to be a good dad even as he's forced to take the lives of children trying to kill Americans on the battlefield.  Experience the highs of a loving new wife with a future of infinite possibilities and the heartbreaking lows of a wife fearing  the loss of her man by bullet or by his own dispensing of soul crushing violence.

This will leave you thinking about war, honor-duty-country, wasted lives and what could have been.
Watch the trailer....then go watch the movie. It is special.