We have to hand it to you, America: You really know how to pick a Top 10.

After hearing the Top 24 perform this week and casting 40 million votes, America chose Casey Abrams, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, James Durbin, Jacob Lusk, Thia Megia, Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart, Karen Rodriguez and Paul McDonald to be the Top 10 finalists.

That's a seriously talented group -- there's not a Sanjaya in the bunch!

And for the first time ever, the judges were allowed to select three "wild card" contestants to remain in the competition. They chose Ashthon Jones (she told us she wasn't going!), Stefano Langone and, our favorite of the three, "exotic flower" Naima Adedapo. We'd have preferred Jovany Barreto and Robbie Rosen to Ashthon and Stefano, but at least we got Naima.

As for the Top 10, Scotty, Lauren, James, Jacob, Thia and Pia were all but guaranteed, but we were really happy to see Casey, Paul, Karen and Haley make the cut.