The Gallup poll people checked in with a random 1,000-plus Americans to find out the top problem facing the nation and the answer came back: illegal immigration.

Seventeen percent of 1,013 Americans — and 23 percent of GOP supporters — surveyed by Gallup in July identified “immigration/illegal aliens” as their top political priority.

The problems in immigration edged out “dissatisfaction with government,” the “economy in general” and even “unemployment/jobs.”

That’s a serious escalation of concern considering in June immigration was ranked as the top issue by only 5 percent of Gallup’s respondents.

The Gallup poll showed that only 11 percent of Democrats saw immigration as the nation’s top problem.

Recent media coverage of the border gets credit for the change with the national press now reporting on the 90,000 youths and 150,000 additional people in “family units” expected to arrive in the 12 months up to October.

Other polls taken in June and early July show the public blames President Barack Obama and his policies for the new flood, and also opposes the additional immigration sought by progressives and business leaders.

What impact the public’s increased focus on immigration will have on the November election remains to be seen.

What will be seen this weekend, by the hundreds, are protests of the border situation held in communities all across the country.

At least one such protest is planned in Yakima, where demonstrators will gather from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday in front of KNDO TV, 216 W. Yakima Ave. Participants are invited to bring signs American flags, chairs and water.

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