Come for the carnival, stay for the... camel?

What in the Marlin-Perkin's-Wide-World-of-Wildlife is a camel doing at a fruit Granger?  (Do camels even eat cherries?)

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Easy, my camel comrade, all will be answered in dune time, but first, the very first Yakima Valley community celebration of the new year has a lot to offer you and your family.

 The Granger Cherry Festival is back after a couple years of Covid inconvenience and the party is revved and ready for a three-day run April 15 - 17 in Granger, Washington.


What's Happening In Granger That Would Attract A Camel?

On Friday (4-9 pm) the FREE festival features food vendors, a carnival, and a battle of the DJs providing the music for a community dance. The Grand Parade steps off at 11 am Saturday with the carnival and vendors opening for business at noon with the rest of the day providing bingo, great food, and live music.  Sunday (10 am-9 pm) sees the return of the carnival, more food, music, and at 2 pm at Roosevelt Elementary School, with what just might be the Yakima Valley's biggest Easter Egg Hunt, 10-thousand eggs will be hiding and waiting for your kids and grandkids.

Will There Be Cherries At The Cherry Festival - Not A Dumb Question

The irony of the Cherry Festival of course is that there are NO fresh cherries at the festival.  It's more a festival of -hope for the season ahead- for while the trees are in beautiful bloom now, the harvest is still a month and a half away.

Another way to say "a month and a half" is to say in "just three drinks of water" for festival guest star, Izzy the camel.  Fifteen-year-old Izzy is a dromedary (one hump) male camel from Prescott, Washington who is coming to Granger for some festival fun.

attachment-izzy profile

Camels can go up to 15 days without water.  They eat grass and grain and actually prefer apples over cherries...and the occasional carrot!

attachment-camel carrot

What Makes Camels So Special?

The camel's hump is the ultimate onboard nutrition and hydration storage system. Camels have many amazing physical features and adaptations like special eyelashes, feet, nose, skin ...

attachment-izzy camel face

and wool that prepares them for life in a hot, dry, sandy, windy environment. Wool sweater anyone???

attachment-camel wool

Can Camels Act?

Some say Izzy was born three sand dunes south of the Sphinx but the truth is Izzy calls a camel ranch in Texas his first home.  About five years ago Izzy made his screen debut as a Zombie Camel when he was doused in fake blood (Karo syrup and food coloring) and transformed into a member of the walking dead to perform in an episode of the SyFy channel series "Z Nation."

attachment-walking dead

Izzy won't be signing autographs and his handlers say he may or may not provide rides "depending on his mood".  Check this quick clip as to why being in a GOOD mood is critical for a successful camel ride!  ATTENTION: This is NOT Izzy, who has a great and gentle personality!

Izzy's festival appearance is a one-day-only event on Saturday until 5 pm so if you want a brush with animal greatness better check him out first...speaking of "brushing animal greatness", Izzy seems to dig that too!

attachment-bath camel

The Granger Cherry Festival looks to have something for everyone and don't forget that it's FREE to attend...just don't expect any cherries ..or to set sail on "the ship of the desert" ...unless he's in a really good mood!

And while you're in Granger, don't forget that it's ground zero for DINOSAURS!  Check out the paleontological pièce de résistance which is the city's dino model collection!

Granger Dino Park Fun

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