You've tried roasted peanuts but how about boiled peanuts? Dan Hagar has been selling his boiled peanuts, called Gypsy River Nutz at the Shell gas station in Gleed all summer and he's gained a lot of new fans who have never had a chance to try true boiled peanuts.
Hagar, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who grew up in the south where the boiled snacks are a common thing at corner gas stations.
Boiled peanuts became popular during the Civil War. By the 1920's they become popular across the peanut-growing South where people had lots of access to the green nuts.
Hagar gets his peanuts dehydrated and spends days preparing them before cooking them in a pot of brine at the Shell station in Gleed.  Hagar sells the peanuts by the cup and cost is $4.00 to $6.00 each. Be adventurous and stop by Today.


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