The YMCA of Yakima spent 7 years in planning for its nearly $22 million, 72,000-square-foot YMCA and Yakima Rotary Aquatic Center located off 40th Ave. on River Road near Chesterley Park.

The grand facility opened in late 2019 but "timing" as they say, is everything. The Coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020 and the YMCA shut down just as the the new operation was getting rolling!

Bob Romero is the Executive Director of the YMCA and he says, now, under Phase three of the State's requirements, the fitness side of the facility is open for 50% occupancy.  That doesn't mean if you work out you only have to sweat half as much as before!

The downtown YMCA is another story.  Romero explains that while it has been renovated and remodeled, the down town Y won't open until there is some certainty that the region won't be rolled back to the Governor's phase two restrictions.

Romero says his crew is extremely conscientious in following protocols for sanitation and distancing and he is pleased to be able to partially open up the aquatics program for reservations.

The Y's website has a sign up button where swimmers can sign up for the water slide side of the building with all the fun amenities including the play area and lazy river.  There are a dozen slots available per shift with up to five people in a slot that lasts an hour and a half each.  The main locker rooms are closed but the individual family rooms are open.

Romero, always positive and forward looking appeared on the Morning News today 4/23/21 to share the progress and opportunities that await members and non-members alike at the YMCA and Yakima Rotary Aquatic Center .


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