After a 20 year career in radio you see the same kinds of stories over and over again.  It is possible to become jaded or bored talking about some of them but there is one topic that never gets old and that's the ongoing story of local businesses donating money to help save kids lives or make their lives better.  It's fantastic!  And here we go again!

Today HAPO Community Credit Union will present a check for $20,000 to Erin Black, CEO of The Memorial Foundation. In a press release Black says, "When we improve children’s health care, we change the future. We are grateful for the support from our partner HAPO Community Credit Union and are excited about the impact they are making for more than 12,000 kids across Central Washington who receive care locally at Yakima Valley Memorial."

But HAPO's generosity doesn't stop there today.  Today HAPO takes Kylie Blakney for a ride.  Kylie was one of the children featured on this past year's Children's Miracle Network Radiothon.  Her story was one of the more unusual we've heard.

"Kylie’s parents noticed a mysterious rash on her skin in December 2019 that began to blister. When it worsened, they rushed her to Memorial’s Emergency Department. She was diagnosed with a rare and potentially deadly condition—Staph Scalded Skin Syndrome, caused by a sudden overgrowth of the staph we all carry on our skin. With the help of doctors, nurses and wound care specialists in the Pediatric Unit, Kylie recovered with almost no scarring."

The Blakney's say the doctors and nurses went out of their way to bring Kylie toys and crafts, and did a great job keeping her happy and comfortable during treatment. And today HAPO will present a fun ride on a toy electric Jeep to five-year-old Kylie.

HAPO participates in a Credit Unions for Kids program which is part of wonderful national credit union initiative that raises funds and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.


Well played to all, it's nice to have a nice story to share!

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