Yakima city officials are dealing with an arrest for sex charges. Police department volunteer, 44-year-old Miguel Ernesto Osuna is accused of sending sexually explicit text messages to a 17-year-old girl. He was a volunteer boxing coach for Yakima Police Athletic League (YPAL) and is employed by the Yakima School District.

Yakima police say Osuna met the 17-year-old through the boxing program. However, she has not participated in several months.

Osuna has volunteered at YPAL off and on for about four years. He did undergo a background check before coaching.

Osuna was arrested Wednesday and held overnight in the Yakima County Jail. He posted bail of $15,000 and was released. Osuna's arraignment will be held May 17.

Yakima Police Captain Rod Light said Osuna was arrested within hours after learning of the text messages. He is now banned from YPAL.