As the wine industry in the Yakima Valley continues to grow and expand, a question worth considering is - could a low-cal wine catch on? Perhaps it could.

Weight Watchers knows a thing or two about the low-cal life and Weight Watchers is adding a low-calorie wine to its diet menu in the United States.

So how “low” are we talking here? The $15 sauvignon blanc has just 85 calories per five-ounce serving, compared to 120 to 140 calories a glass for most wines. In Weight Watchers language, that’s three points.  For the record, that’s a five ounce serving.

Too often “low-cal” equates to low taste so what’s the word on this product?  First of all the wine will be called “Cense” and it won’t be branded in any way to weight watchers.  Wine experts say they sense hints of grapefruit, lemon and candied pineapple in “Cense”.

The alcohol content hasn’t been compromised in the process of cutting calories.  Cense is 9.6 per cent alcohol by volume, compared to other wines that are 9 to 15 per cent.

As the daily mail reports, now wine lovers can get wasted without getting big-waisted. (Daily Mail)

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