Yakima Valley Tourism has launched a new campaign to bring more convention and group business to Yakima.

Titled “Bring It Home Yakima,” the project is aimed at getting local citizens and groups to invite, attract and host their state and regional events in Yakima.

“Often times it takes local people who are involved in their professional trade and personal interest groups to bring their conferences to town,” stated John Cooper, President & CEO of Yakima Valley Tourism. “This campaign is designed to encourage and help them to do just that.”

To help residents in this effort, Yakima Valley Tourism has built a website, BringItHomeYakima.com, that contains resources, assistance provided by the Yakima Valley tourism and its partners and a simple form for people to fill out to be contacted. “Just let us know what groups you’re involved in and we’ll be in touch to see how we can bring their events to town,” Cooper said.